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Training Classes



This Course is intended for someone who has completed a basic firearms safety course or has a Concealed Weapon or Firearms License and is able to handle a firearm safely. This course will teach you, drawing from a holster, shooting while moving, Stress shooting, Strong and weak handed shooting, combat accuracy, shoot don’t shoot scenarios and close quarter shooting techniques. (This is not a beginners course)

Cost: $175

Length: 4 hours

Ammunition requirements: 150 rounds Minimum . ( Ammunition available at the range)

Required Equipment: Your concealed carry pistol or a firearm of your choice. (No Derringers Allowed) At least 2 Magazines or two speed loaders and a Holster, inside or outside the waist band.

Clothing: Close toed shoes, Pants or Shorts with belt loops, and a ridged belt.

Maximum number of students: 6 per instructor.



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